Fat Buddies Premiere in Canberra

Time: 30 September 2018

Location: Hoyts Belcconen

TANGREN Cultural Film Group held a grand private screening event of Fat Buddies at Hoyts Belcconen, Canberra on 30 September 2018. On the day of the event, local Chinese chain enterprises and student groups in Canberra were invited to join the event. Many fans of Bao Beier and Wen Zhang were also attracted by the event. The event operated in a perfect order and people took photos in front of the signature wall to record the moment. In order to get people into the theatre more quickly, TANGREN APP was launched on the day of the event. The APP was welcomed by film watchers since they can select their seats online, which is very convenient. Event participants expressed that they will continue to support Chinese film and to follow up the film distributed by TANGREN Cultural Film Group.

Event Pictures